Evans - Safe Zone Plus in 6x750ml

There is currently a global shortage of trigger spray heads caused by massive additional demand driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. However there are no issues with supply of the 2x5L packs.

Please don’t throw your Evans empty triggers away as they are designed for at least 10,000 cycles (This equates to at least 20 refills per spray head) Please REFILL from the 2x5L of the Safe Zone Plus product.

This has the following benefits

1. Cost – Refilling from 5L saves about 50% in the chemical cost per litre.
2. Environmental - It saves 63% in plastic = less waste
3. It is the same formulation, simply decant into the 750ml bottle. 5L “Aeroflow” taps are also available at a small cost as an optional extra (Code GP0201)
4. Supply chain – there are no issues with supply of the 5L packs – These containers are manufactured about 20 miles away from Evans Vanodine.

Ready to use labels are
free of charge and these can be attached to existing trigger sprays whether they are Evans bottles or generic ones (Please rinse out old bottles before use)

Because this is owing to the global shortage of trigger sprays, this situation is predicted to be ongoing for at least the next few months.